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Name: Kya
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Other Characters: Susan

Character Name: Adrien Agreste
Age: ~15
Species: Human
Canon: Miraculous Ladybug
Canon Point: let's say during the Christmas special for now - after he detransforms, but before he runs into Santa.
Character Info: here!
Personality: As the son of famous fashion designer Gabriel Agreste, Adrien has lived a very strict life. Everything has always been decided for him, from what he'll do in his free time to even his schooling - Adrien wasn't even allowed to go to school his entire life, being homeschooled instead. Having his whole life dictated for him, including the way he acts, has made him a bit reserved and quiet, resigned to simply doing as his father (or, often times, his father's personal assistant) says. He's nice to his peers, always trying to help out or be kind, and he's friendly - not in the bubbly outgoing way, but in the always there for his friends and willing to lend a hand kind of way. Sometimes he can be a bit unsure of how to act around people, due to only really interacting with adults with the way he was raised, but overall he's just a nice and polite kid, unobtrusive and quiet.

But deep down, Adrien is desperate for freedom - to be able to do what he wants to do, and not what his father wants. He can have a bit of a rebellious streak, and knows how to sneak out to get away from his bodyguard and his father, and does so when he decides he really wants to do something... Although he will still comply with his father's demands with resigned defeat if he's caught. Adrien is used to disappointment, due to his father's busy schedule and his not prioritizing time with his son, and so even though he isn't quick to give up, he's still a bit resigned that things won't go how he wants them.

...Enter Cat Noir. As Cat Noir, Adrien has the freedom to do whatever he wants, with no rules to follow. He's spontaneous, he takes risks, he's loud and obnoxious and he doesn't take no for an answer. Cat Noir is everything Adrien wants to be but can't; with no one telling him what to do, he can make up his own rules, as long as the job gets done. Where Adrien is normally quieter and polite, Cat Noir is fast-talking, loud, and more than a bit of a show off. He constantly drops cat puns, or really any puns he feels like, making jokes and bantering with villains and his partner alike. Cat Noir can do what he wants, say what he wants, and be who he wants.

And so this leaves us with a boy who wants to have friends and have people think he's cool, but who's been made to just do what his father says instead. He can be rash as both of his personas, whether it's disobeying his father as Adrien or by throwing himself in front of villains' attacks to protect Ladybug as Cat Noir, and he can have a bit of trouble thinking before acting. He thinks highly of his friends, offering them praise or assistance no matter who he is at the time, and he's genuinely helpful, kind, and considerate, wanting to help others and do the right thing - even if he can be a bit obnoxious about it as Cat Noir. His two selves sometimes can seem pretty different from each other, but really they're just the same friendly boy who wants to make friends and make his own choices.

Adrien himself has almost no abilities to speak of. He has some things he's skilled at - fencing, Chinese, piano, modeling - but he is overall a completely normal kid. He's good at video games, he plays other sports, he's a good student, but he has no special abilities.

But by using his Miraculous (the black cat ring he always wears), Adrien can transform into the superhero Cat Noir, with his own set of superpowers and abilities:

*Cat Noir has above average strength, speed, agility, and resilience.
*He can see in the dark, and has a good sense of hearing.
*As part of his transformation, he gets a weapon - a staff. He's skilled in melee combat with it, and the staff also returns to him if thrown (like a boomerang), and can be split in two and thrown or used in melee in that way. The staff also can extend to be as long as he likes, and he can use this to get around similar to a vaulting pole, or simply by hanging onto it and extending it upwards. He can also use it to get some distance in his travel by spinning it like a helicopter - he can't go up like this, it's more like gliding or just a general slowing of his fall.
*Cat Noir's biggest ability is his superpower - Cataclysm. Cataclysm gives him the ability to destroy any one thing that he touches. When activated, the next thing he touches with his right hand (the hand where he wears his Miraculous) will be destroyed - generally by rusting it, or otherwise disintegrating it, although the specifics vary by what he uses it on (and by what's required plot-wise of course). This can of course be a problem sometimes - he can't control whether it's used or not, and so he can be tricked into using it on something he doesn't want to, or into accidentally using it wrong. Cataclysm can only be used once per transformation.
*After using Cataclysm, Cat Noir only has five minutes left, before he transforms back into his civilian self. If he doesn't choose to detransform on his own, then he will just do it automatically when his time runs out. The amount of time left can be estimated by looking at his ring - the pads start to disappear from the paw on it as his time runs out. After detransforming after Cataclysm (whether by choice or by simply running out of time), Adrien is unable to transform again until his kwami (like an animal sidekick, who helps give him his powers) has a chance to eat and recharge. In Adrien's case this means feeding him cheese, generally camembert.

Soul Colour: Green
Ideal Jobs: Ideally, I'd like it if Adrien could have two jobs - a more mundane one as Adrien, and a separate one as Cat Noir. If this isn't doable please let me know!
Adrien - Game operator is my top choice, but makeup could also be a possibility. He could also of course do a more unskilled job. He could probably also do some of the jobs under the Treasurer, like talker or patch, but these aren't my top choices since if possible I would rather him be in a different department than my other character!
Cat - Daredevil is my top choice, but he could also do patrol.
Relevant Experience:
As far as having two jobs go, Adrien can handle that easily - he already handles going to school, three extracurricular activities (piano, fencing, and Chinese), modeling, and being a superhero. He can easily handle doing only two things!

Adrien: Just look at this kid's room. Arcade games, basketball, foosball... Adrien likes playing games and this would be fun for him. He's good at them, too - he places second in their school's fighting game tournament, and would have gone on to the Paris championship if he hadn't chosen to give his spot up to a friend. He's also good at talking to people of course (even if he can be a bit reserved at times), so a people-facing job is good for him. Makeup would be an okay backup job, though, since as a model he's definitely at least familiar with what's done and what looks good (although who knows how much he's done himself vs just watched it be done).

Cat Noir: As Cat Noir, Adrien loves showing off. His Miraculous gives him agility, flexibility, and speed, and he loves being able to do things like jump off of buildings and other stupid crap like that. And bonus - as a superhero he's super resilient, too, so he won't really get hurt doing any of those dumb things. Basically he's a showoff who is happy to jump off of buildings doing barrel rolls or fling himself all over Paris with only a staff to save him from death, and so daredevil is right up his alley. But patrol would be a good alternative, as it's basically what he already does as Cat Noir - keep Paris safe by fighting off bad guys.
Reason for Joining:
Apparently someone giving you cheese when you ask for it doesn't mean it's actually free. Whoops. Having to stay here for a year and a day just because he needed a snack for Plagg is just the sort of trouble he's used to from his kwami, but at least he can enjoy himself while he's stuck in his contract.